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Sentence of 18 months in prison for defamation upheld for directors of Chilean weekly

The Association of Journalists of Chile (Colegio de Periodistas de Chile) has called for a change to Chilean law concerning freedom of expression in light of a Read more »

Digital platform Poderopedia’s new chapter to analyze power networks in Venezuela

On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, Venezuela’s Press and Society Institute (IPYS) launched a new chapter of the digital platform Poderopedia, which helps visualize the connections that exist between powerful people in the country, the organization reported. The platform collects and presents information about political and business leaders in the nation, revealing conflicts of interest, spheres of influence and other connections. Read more »

More than 80 complaints over television coverage of Chilean fire

While a fire continues to ravage the Chilean city of Valparaíso since Saturday April 12, the country’s National Council of Television (CNTV) has received up to 81 complaints for television networks’ coverage of the natural disaster, reported the daily La Nación. Read more »

Chilean investigative news organization’s website down after cyber attack for second time this year

The website of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIPER) in Chile was hacked on Thursday, Feb. 27, for the second time this year. Read more »

RSF criticizes presidential veto that will allow religious outlets in Chile to operate as community media

Journalism organization Reporters Without Borders criticized Chilean President Sebastián Piñera's veto of the Chilean Digital Television Law considering it a "deviation from the idea of pluralism, [one that] favors the economic interests of a few at the cost of real pluralism," said the group's website. Read more »

Chile’s transparency law stands out as an investigative tool; in Uruguay, bureaucracy hinders its implementation

Chilean journalist Claudia Urquieta from the online newspaper El Mostrador highlighted the importance of Chile’s transparency law as an investigative tool during the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas’ 11th Austin Forum, which took place on Nov. 8 and 9 at the University of Texas at Austin. Read more »

Owner of Chile’s El Mercurio admits pre-coup contact with CIA, denies cooperation

Agustín Edwards Eastman, owner of the Chilean newspapers El Mercurio and La Segunda, admitted last week to meeting with former CIA director Richard Helms and former U.S. National Security adviser Henry Kissinger shortly after the election of then-Chilean president Salvador Allende, The Santiago Times reported. The statement was made during his testimony in a trial investigating possible illegal activities by the media leading up to the 1973 coup, heightening the level of scrutiny El Mercurio has received for years regarding its role during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Read more »

Chilean journalists reject president’s comments regarding media’s role during dictatorship

Not all media outlets were accomplices to the disinformation campaign that prevailed in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship, said Marcelo Castillo, president of the Journalists’ Association in Chile, in response to declarations made by President Sebastián Piñera to the foreign press, and previously, to Chilean newspaper La Tecera.   Read more »

Employees at Chile’s La Nación ask paper not be shut down, propose legislation for publicly-funded newspaper

Despite going against the workers' wishes —who have gone all the way to court to reverse the decision — it appears that the Chilean government will end up getting rid of newspaper La Nación, of which 69% is owned by the state. Read more »


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