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Mexican TV and radio stations denounce sanctions for supposed electoral code violations

The National Chamber of the Radio and TV Industry (CIRT in Spanish), which represents the majority of the radio and TV companies in Mexico, announced that it would appeal to international bodies to denounce the current electoral law, which limits freedom of expression and press freedom, reported the newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Mexican editors outraged at pirated copies of their magazine attacking a Senatorial candidate

Editors of a magazine in the tourist city of Cancún, Mexico, claimed that their publication was pirated on Feb. 5 in violation of the press law, the rights of the authors, and industrial property laws, according to NotiSureste. Read more »

Journalists concerned about increasing police attacks on press in Mexican border city

The Juarez Journalists Network reported three city police attacks on reporters in one week in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The latest came the evening of Friday, Feb. 3, when police officers arrested and beat a reporter for El Diario in the newspaper's parking lot, according to Clases de Periodismo and Objetivo Radio. Read more »

Police attack two reporters in Mexico, taking their cameras

In two separate events, police attacked journalists in Mexico on Jan. 30. A reporter from the newspaper Noroeste was beaten by judicial police and his camera was taken, reported the same publication. Read more »

International writers condemn violence against journalists in Mexico

“Mexico is a magical country where there are murders, but no murderers,” said the Mexican poet Homero Aridjis, protesting the rampant impunity in crimes against journalists during an international delegation of writers -- including several Nobel laureates -- organized by the group PEN International, held Sunday, Jan. 29, in Mexico City. The group, including Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and Toni Morrison of the United States, took out a full-page ad in the El Universal newspaper that was signed by 170 writers and celebrated the bravery of journalists in Mexico, according to the Associated Press. Read more »

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho wins another international award for child sex investigation

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho, who exposed a child prostitution ring, and Roberto Saviano, author of the book "Gomorrah," were awarded the Swedish Olof Palme 2011 prize, reported the Associated Press. Read more »

Strategies for journalists covering areas of risk in Mexico – Apply now for new course online

Many journalists across Mexico face a variety of daily threats and dangers. How can they do their job as effectively and safely as possible in the challenging and hostile environment created by the drug wars? To respond to these difficult situations, the recently created North American chapter of the International News Safety Institute (INSI) is offering its first online course for Mexican journalists>, in collaboration with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Mexico City-based network o reporters and editors, Periodistas de a Pie. Read more »

Mexican court says broadcasters' debates violated election laws

Following the Mexican Electoral Court's decision to investigate more than 60 radio and television stations for interviewing candidates for the governorship of the state of Michoacán, the National Congress of the Radio and Television Industry sent a letter to the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE in Spanish) asking for clarification of the rules regarding the broadcasting of debates, reported the newspaper Milenio. Read more »


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