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Social networks organize to find missing Mexican blogger "El 5anto"

Contributors to the Mexican blog "El 5antuario" (The Sanctuary) released a YouTube video and an online statement reporting that the blog's creator, Ruy Salgado or "El 5anto," had disappeared, reported the organization Reporters Without Border (RSF in French) on Friday, Sept. 14. Read more »

Mexican journalists carry same traumas as war correspondents, says a scientific study

By the International News Safety Institute (INSI)

Journalists in peacetime Mexico trying to cover drug-related stories are suffering levels of traumatic stress similar to those of war correspondents, according to a scientific study.

The survey was carried out by Dr Anthony Feinstein, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, who 10 years ago also published the most authoritative study into trauma and stress among war reporters. Read more »

Mexican Senators present bill to regulate government spending on advertising

Six Mexican Senators presented a bill to publish public spending for all levels of government in print and electronic media, according to the newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Crowd attacks seven journalists with machetes in Mexican town

A crowd attacked seven journalists in the southwestern coast of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, forcing the journalists to surrender their camera equipment and erase photos shot on Sunday, Sept. 2, reported Proceso. Read more »

Mexican religious group prohibits press from entering community

An ultraconservative group in Mexico blocked the press from entering Nueva Jerusalén, a town in the state of Michoacán where a serious conflict is ongoing between secular inhabitants that confront religious fanatics for public education rights, according to the news agency Quadratin. Read more »

Mexican journalists affected by covering violence now have online resource for mental health concerns

A new program from the Center for Journalism and Public Ethics (CEPET in Spanish) in Mexico aims to reduce the emotional and mental stress journalists covering organized crime and violence face in their jobs, announced the organization.

"Each time the phone rings in the newsroom, I would shake, thinking it was them again," a Mexican journalist told CEPET after receiving a threatening phone call. Read more »


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