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Paraguayan journalist killed along border with Brazil is third to die this year

Paraguayan journalist Pablo Medina Velázquez, murdered in the northeastern Canindeyú department while working on assignment, is the third journalist to be killed in the country this year and the latest in a series of journalists to be Read more »

Paraguay becomes 100th country to sign FOI law

On Sept. 18, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes signed the country’s first freedom of information (FOI) law, making it the 100th country in the world to pass similar legislation. Read more »

Another Paraguayan journalist killed near Brazilian border

A Paraguayan radio host was shot and killed in his home on June 19, just over one month after another radio reporter was killed on the same region, near the border with Brazil. Édgar Fernández Fleitas was a known critic of the local justice system and could have been killed in retribution for criticisms he made of local officials, according to newspaper ABC Color. Read more »

Radio journalist shot and killed in Paraguay

Paraguayan journalist Fausto Gabriel Alcaraz was shot and killed on Friday May 16 in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, on the border with Brazil, several local media outlets reported. Read more »

Press freedom levels in Americas lowest in five years, says new report

The organization Freedom House released its 2014 report on freedom of the press around the world, noting that in 2013 global press freedom was at its lowest level in more than a decade and the lowest in five years for the Americas. Read more »

Paraguayan farm workers torture journalist covering land dispute

A group of farm workers in the Paraguayan town of Capiíbary, in the central department of San Pedro, briefly held and tortured journalist Alberto Núñez earlier this month in the most recent violent attack against him. Read more »

Rural community radios in Paraguay accuse larger media outlets of pressuring them to shut down

Rural media organizations in Paraguay recently denounced alleged pressures by larger media outlets to shut down community radios. Read more »

Journalist working on the Brazil-Paraguay border receives anonymous death threats via text message

On the evening of Wednesday, May 8, investigative reporter Lourenso Véras received threatening text messages saying that he was on a list of people to executed in the frontier region between Brazil and Paraguay, according to the website Mercosur News.  Read more »

Journalist is shot and killed in Paraguay near the border with Brazil

Carlos Manuel Artaza, a journalist in Paraguay was shot five times and killed on Thursday April 25 in Pedro Juan Caballero city, near the capital of Asunción, where he was hospitalized, reported newspaper ABC Color. Read more »


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