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TV channel's mobile unit destroyed in Honduras

Two armed men trying to break into a Honduran TV channel's offices, destroyed one of the station's mobile units early in the morning of Wednesday, March 28, reported the organization C-Libre. Read more »

Killing in Honduras prompts Reporters Without Borders to demand international mission to investigate crimes against journalists

A radio broadcaster became the 19th journalist killed in Honduras since 2010, prompting press groups to call for an investigation into the violence, reported the Associated Press. Read more »

Judge in Honduras prevents TV reporter from entering courtroom with camera for hearing where he was claimant

A judge in Honduras refused entry to a television reporter wanting to attend the court hearing for a lawsuit that he himself had filed against a Catholic leader who assaulted him, reported the organization C-Libre. Read more »

Radio reporter threatened, journalism student killed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, now considered the most dangerous city in the world for the 159 killings per each 100,000 persons -- surpassing the violence of Ciudad Juárez in Mexico -- has become a hostile place for journalists. Read more »

IAPA president discusses proposed media law with Honduran president

Milton Coleman, president of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and an editor of The Washington Post, visited Honduras on Tuesday, Feb. 28, to talk with President Porfirio Lobo about a proposed bill to regulate the Honduran media, reported Proceso. Read more »

Honduran soldiers threaten foreign correspondents covering land conflicts

An Italian journalist criticized Honduran soldiers for intimidating and threatening foreign press members who were covering the International Gathering for Human Rights, held in the Lower Aguán, a valley in northern Honduras where farm workers seeking to reclaim their lands have suffered repression and abuse, reported the organization C-Libre. Read more »

New Knight Center map chronicles attacks on journalists in Central America

With violence, political unrest and impunity increasingly taking hold of Latin America, freedom of expression is constantly being violated in Central American countries, with journalists being threatened, attacked, intimidated, kidnapped, tortured and killed for political, monetary, criminal and ideological motivations. Read more »

Honduras joins Cuba in denying journalists permission to travel to Brazil

A Honduran journalist was kept from traveling to Brazil on Feb. 3, when he was ordered to appear in court, reported the Committee for Freedom of Expression in Honduras. Read more »


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