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Colombian police apologize for attack on photographer

A member of the Colombian National Police attacked a photographer on Tuesday, Oct. 23, reported the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal. Ana María García, photographer for the newspaper El Tiempo, was covering a serious accident on the mass-transit system of Bogotá, the capital, when the officer attacked her, according to the newspaper. Read more »

Colombian newspaper claims Attorney General tried to censor it

The newspaper El Espectador de Colombia claimed the Attorney General of Colombia threatened to censor it, the publication said in an editorial published Wednesday, Oct. 16, reported the Associated Press (AP). Read more »

Police detain photographer, erase his pictures of explosion aftermath in Colombia

Police detained a photographer for an hour and a half in Colombia on Sunday, Oct. 7, reported the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal. While in custody, the photographer was forced to erase pictures he took while covering a bomb explosion in a city park in Bucaramanga, Santander. Read more »

Colombian government consults journalists targeted by violence in reparation process

On Friday, Sept. 21, the Colombian government began consulting journalists who were victims of the armed conflict to identify proposals and strategies for their collective reparation, according to the Unit for the Care and Reparation of Victims' website. Reparations will be awarded under the guidelines outlined in the Victims and Land Restitution Law, the website noted. Read more »

10 Colombian journalists threatened for broadcasting interview with ex-paramilitary leader

After conducting and publishing an interview with an ex-paramilitary leader, 10 Colombian journalists were threatened in Santa Marta, Magdalena, reported the news agency EFE. The threats appeared to originate from a gang of demobilized paramilitary members, the agency added. Read more »

Colombian journalist accused of having ties to FARC sentenced for conspiracy

A Colombian judge sentenced a journalist for the crime of conspiracy, punishable with up to 18 years in prison, claiming the journalist had connections to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC in Spanish), reported Europa Press. Read more »


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