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Facebook's new "subscribe" button seen as most beneficial for journalists

In its ever-increasing bid to be the social network, Facebook has launched a new subscription feature that has "important implications for journalists," according to

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Facebook introduced its new "subscribe" button for managing news feeds, according to The New York Times. Now, Facebook users can allow any subscribers -- even people who are not their friends -- to see all or parts of their news feeds. Anyone who ads the "subscribe" button will be able to "hear from people, even if you're not friends," and "let people hear from you, even if you're not friends," Facebook touted.

Mashable noted that the "subscribe button is arguably most beneficial for journalists and artists."

The nice thing about the subscribe feature is that it "will make it easier for journalists to use their personal profiles to share updates and links with the public," wrote Jeff Sonderman for Poynter. Muck Rack pointed out that the subscription button makes Facebook "a bit more Twittery," making it easier for readers to follow journalists' content. Although, as MSNBC pointed out, "Facebook's subscribe button won't kill Twitter."

In another post for Poynter, Sonderman offered "five things journalists need to know" about the new Facebook subscription feature, including "many journalists may find they no longer need a separate Facebook Page" in addition to their personal profile page.

Facebook offers this PDF guide for journalists about using the subscribe feature.

The subscribe button is just one more feature the social media site is offering journalists. In April, Facebook launched a special page just for journalists.


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