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Unesco tour seeks to help improve press freedom, journalists’ safety in Central America

Unesco's visit through Central America. Photo: Portal Voces / Daniela Zúniga

Concerned over the state of freedom of expression and the safety of journalists in Central America, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) is on tour through the region to meet and discuss these issues with media outlets, newspaper La Prensa Gráfica reported.

Dana Ziyahesva, Unesco's communication and information advisor for Mexico and Central America, is currently development a project to address these issues in Honduras and El Salvador at the regional level, the newspaper said. Ziyahesva said Honduras has the most critical press freedom violations in the region and added that El Salvador also needs policies that help journalists develop investigative reporting skills and "aren't afraid of running into danger when uncovering corruption cases."

Ziyahesva said that besides working with media outlets, Unesco will also aim to help strenghten journalism schools and close the digital gap to prevent that large corporations are the only ones to benefit from the digital revolution, news portal Voces reported.


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