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Topic “violence against journalists”

Honduran television reporter fears for life after identifying suspect who tried to kill him

Authorities in the city of Puerto de Cortés have issued an arrest warrant for a suspect in the assassination attempt on a journalist in Honduras, reported the organization Committee for Free Expression in Honduras (C-Libre in Spanish) on Wednesday, July 18. Read more »

67 journalists killed in Mexico since 2006, but only one perpetrator sentenced

Of the 67 killings and 14 disappearances of journalists in Mexico since 2006, in only one case have the perpetrators been brought to justice, according to a special prosecutor testifying before a Congressional panel in Mexico City, reported the Associated Press and the Examiner. Read more »

Inmates fire at TV journalists reporting on prisons in Venezuela

A team of reporters from the Venezuelan TV channel Televen were attacked on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 10, as shots were fired from the roof of the National Prison of Maracaibo, better known as the Sabaneta prison, in the state of Zulia, reported the news site Noticias Al Día. The shots came from prisoners who were unhappy with the news information currently circulating in the country. Read more »

Three Mexican news outlets attacked with explosives in less than 24 hours

In one day, on Tuesday, July 10, three Mexican news outlets were attacked with explosives, reported the freedom of expression organization Article 19. At about 4:30 a.m., the newspaper El Norte reported a grenade attack against its office in the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico. At 6 a.m., the newspaper El Mañana reported an explosion outside of its offices in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. Later on, at 4 p.m., another one of the El Norte newspaper's offices was attacked with a grenade and heavy weapons, reported the newspaper. None of the three attacks injured anyone and only material damages were reported. Read more »

Mexican newspaper attacked with grenade

A grenade exploded outside of the offices of the newspaper El Norte in the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico, reported the news agency Notimex on Tuesday, July 10. The newspaper belongs to the Grupo Reforma company, whose headquarters are located in Mexico City. Read more »

IAPA condemns killing of Brazilian sports journalist

In a statement published Friday, July 6, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) lamented the killing of Brazilian sports commentator Valério Luiz, reported the news portal Terra. The journalist was shot and killed on Thursday, July 5, when leaving the building of the radio station where he worked. Read more »

Numerous Peruvian journalists attacked in just two days

Numerous journalists in Peru have been attacked in recent days. On Wednesday, July 4, police attacked at least five journalists who were covering the state of emergency declared in the region of Cajamarca, in the northern part of the country, where violent anti-mining strikes persist, reported the Press and Society Institute. Read more »

Controversial Brazilian radio sports commentator shot to death

Brazilian radio sports commentator Valério Luiz was shot and killed on the afternoon of Thursday, June 5, while leaving the building of the radio station Rádio Jornal 820 AM, where he worked, in Goiânia, reported the news portal R7. Read more »