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Eight tips for Brazilian bloggers who face judicial persecution

Brazilian bloggers and digital activists have become a constant target for legal attacks, mostly from public officials who seek the removal of content published on the web. Many of these are successful: a timeline produced by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas shows that, just in 2012, the country registered 16 cases in which the courts were utilized as instruments of censorship. Read more »

Mexican journalist Sandra Rodríguez named as the only Latin American in the Nieman Fellows class of 2014

Renowned Mexican journalist Sandra Rodríguez Nieto was selected as one of Harvard University's 2014 Nieman Fellows, according to the organization. Rodríguez Nieot is the only Latin American in this year's class of 24 that includes reporters, editors, and leaders in digital media, print, television and radio.  Read more »

Brazilian news website uses cartoons to makes the headlines kid friendly

It's nothing new to see kids playing video games and online apps. While news organizations try to stem their losses in print media, the next generation of readers is learning how to get their news online. There are, however, few media outlets trying to make their content accessible to this younger audience. Read more »

Mexican newspaper's website suffers two cyberattacks

The Mexican newspaper El Mañana in Nuevo Laredo, one of the publications most effected by armed attacks on its reporters and offices, was recently the target of two cyberattacks on Sunday, May 12 that interrupted the website's service, reported the newspaper.  Read more »

ISOJ: Responsive web design promises better user experience but challenges for advertisers

Click here to see a Storify with some of the tweets during this panel.

Anyone who has tried to open their local newspaper’s website on a smartphone already knows what responsive web design is, or rather, what it should be. Responsive web design, or RWD, aims to create the optimal viewing experience for websites across multiple devices, from desktops to smartphones. Read more »

Daily Digest: Mexican state blocks access to police, court information

Don't be fooled: Five tips to check information on Twitter

There is no lack of stories about false or misleading material that comes out of the rush to publish information shared on social networks. In one recent case, the Brazilian sports journalists Farid Germano Filho of Pampa announced on Twitter that Argentine footballer Enrico Cabrito signed with the Brazilian Grêmio soccer club. Hours later, it was revealed that the athlete had been made up by netizens and Germano Filho's social media account had been hacked. Read more »

Mobile journalism: It’s not "the web only smaller"

The following text was written by Professor Gary Kebbel for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and was also published in his blog, "Bits and Bytes." Read more »

#Twitter7: Reflections on Twitter's role in the media

TwitterTwitter might just be the most influential seven-year-old in the world. On Thursday, March 21, the micro-blogging service celebrated its “birthday” seven years after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet. Read more »


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