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Radio journalist killed in Honduras, making 17 slain in two years

The Honduran radio journalist Luz Marina Paz Villalobos was shot to death Tuesday, Dec. 6, in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, according to the Associated Press. Paz Villalobos is the 17th journalist killed in this Central American country since 2010. Read more »

Statutes of limitations expire, adding to impunity in killings of journalists in Colombia

Expiring statutes of limitations for journalists killed in Colombia is adding to the South American country's rampant impunity, according to Periodistas en Español (Journalists in Spanish). Read more »

Radio station owner killed as Panama media launch campaign against violence

Reporters Without Borders is calling on authorities to investigate the killing of a radio owner and program director in Panama. Darío Fernández Jaén was killed Nov. 6 in the city of Penonomé, a few minutes from the Panamanian capital. Read more »

Journalists' killers getting away with murder, prompting recognition of International Day to End Impunity

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, for the first time, the world will recognize the International Day to End Impunity, held to coincide with the anniversary of the Nov. 23, 2009, massacre of 32 journalists in Maguindanao in the southern Philippines. The inaugural day is being organized by the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) as a "call to action to demand justice for those who have been killed for exercising their right to freedom of expression and shed light on the issue of impunity," according to IFEX. Read more »

Journalist and her ex-boyfriend shot to death in Brazil

A journalist and her ex-boyfriend were shot to death at a gas station in the Brazilian coastal city of Vila Velha, in Espírito Santo, the morning of Saturday, Nov. 19, according to Folha Vitória.

Journalist Marisa Curtolo Cavalcanti, 52, was shot in the stomach and her ex-boyfriend, Gustavo Luiz Sodré Machado, 36, was shot in the neck. Read more »

Forum will remember 80 journalists killed in Mexico over the past decade

Family members of killed and disappeared journalists and freedom of expression advocates will meet in Mexico City on Dec. 10 to participate in the Journalists Memorial Forum, organized by Reporters Without Borders and the Center for Journalism and Public Ethics (CEPET in Spanish) . Read more »

Student journalist shot to death over motorcycle in Dominican Republic

A 26 year-old journalism student was killed early in the morning on Nov. 9. The student produced a local radio program in the Boca Chica province in the east of the Dominican Republic, reported Crónica Viva. Read more »


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