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Reports from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and Honduras win 2017 Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Awards

The Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Festival in Medellín, Colombia recognized four Latin American journalism reporting projects from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and Honduras on Sept. 29 as part of the 2017 Gabo Awards.. Read more »

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican journalists defy collapse of communications and personal losses to continue reporting

By Teresa Mioli and Evelyn Moreno

International and Puerto Rican media have set up shop in the Puerto Rico Convention Center, creating a de facto newsroom in the same building where officials give press conferences and citizens look for resources. Read more »

Bolivian media call attention to bill that opens possibility of sanctioning journalists’ "recklessness"

Media and journalism associations in Bolivia are on alert due to a proposal to reform the Penal Code that is under debate in the country's Congress. They claim that Article 200 of the new Code, which provides for sanctions against professional misconduct, poses a threat to press freedom by opening the door to the criminalization of journalists in that country. Read more »

Documentary shows poor working conditions for journalists in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

When you think about the situation of journalists in Mexico, the first image that comes is one of violence. And for good reason. The country is considered the most dangerous in the American continent to practice this profession. In 2017 alone, at least 11 journalists have been recorded as killed for reasons related to their work. Read more »

'There are very few things that can shut the media down more efficiently than a hurricane': The Caribbean faces Irma and Maria

They got to work securing transmitter antenna and covering the windows of their newsrooms with plywood. Enough food and water were purchased to last for several days. Volunteers were called in to relieve exhausted employees when the time came that they couldn’t stay awake any longer, or had to attend to their own families and homes. Read more »

Brazilians launch "Libre," a new microfinancing technology for journalism

Brazil has seen dozens of independent journalism initiatives emerge in recent years, many of them launched with the proposal of innovating in terms of content and the ways it’s presented. One challenge facing most of these initiatives concerns financial sustainability: how to generate the income needed to improve journalistic quality, keeping content accessible to as many people as possible? Read more »

Apparent threat left for journalists at Honduran newspaper a month after attack on director

Employees from Honduran newspaper El Libertador found a message appearing to threaten its journalists in front of their offices on Sept. 21 in Tegucigalpa. This comes a month after newspaper director Johnny Lagos and his wife, Lurbin Yadira, also a journalist, survived a shooting. Read more »

Brazilian Federal Supreme Court justice overturns censorship imposed on journalistic site

On Sept. 19, a justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF for its acronym in Portuguese) overturned prior censorship imposed on Portal 180graus, journalistic site of Piauí in northeastern Brazil, which was decided by a State judge at the end of August. Read more »

Media from southeastern Brazil and reports on health, rights and the environment dominate journalism awards in the country

In just one year, Brazilian journalists received almost $1 million (U.S.) in prizes for their work. This is according to a recent report published by, a site that catalogs awards available to journalists working in the South American country, with the idea that these prizes contribute to strengthening the trade. Read more »

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