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Freedom of expression groups alarmed by detentions of Venezuelan journalists

Arguing that journalists were making recordings in a “presidential corridor,” members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB for its acronym in Spanish) in Venezuela detained journalists Andreina Flores and Jorge Luis Pérez Valery, according to the Press and Society Institute of Venezuela (IPYS). Read more »

Brazilian newspaper owner, fourth journalist killed in country this year, was writing about local corruption

Brazilian journalist Maurício Campos Rosa, owner of the newspaper O Grito, died on Aug. 17 after being shot five times. The murder occurred in Santa Luzia, in the metropolitan region of Minas Gerais' state capital. He was the fourth journalist killed in Brazil this year. Read more »

Judge exempts police from responsibility for blinding Brazilian photographer, says it was journalist’s own fault

In a decision that has been heavily criticized by organizations defending freedom of the press, Brazilian courts determined that a photographer was responsible for being hit by a rubber bullet during the country’s protests in 2013. Read more »

Does Latin America have "public media" or government media labeled "public"? (First article of a series)

In this first article of the series that will address public media in Latin America, researchers talked about the fundamental characteristics of a media system targeted to citizens and on its importance to the strengthening of democracy. Read more »

New online course in Portuguese on data journalism teaches how to automate collection of web data

The most challenging part of data journalism is often the process of collecting information, especially when the journalist needs to make structured spreadsheets from PDF reports, websites or social networks. The new online course in Portuguese offered by the Knight Center and Escola de Dados will show you how to work around this problem and automate the collection of web data. Read more »

St. Vincent and the Grenadines passes Cybercrime Bill that allows prison sentences for online defamation

Lawmakers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines passed the 2016 Cybercrime Act on Aug. 12 that provides up to two years in prison for online defamation.

The country’s criminal code already provides for up to two years in prison for defamation in print, writing and broadcast. Read more »

Ecuador sanctions journalist and media outlet for “media lynching” for publishing investigative report

For repeatedly questioning the purchase of medication by the Ecuadorian government, journalist Janet Hinostroza, and the broadcaster Teleamazonas in which she hosts an interview program, were sanctioned on Aug. 8 by the Superintendency of Information and Communication (Supercom) of Ecuador, according to Fundamedios, a freedom of expression organization. Read more »

After threats and harassment, Mexican journalist leaves the state of Veracruz

Threats and abuse against Noé Zavaleta led the Mexican journalist to leave the state of Veracruz on Aug. 12, according to Aristegui Noticias.

The news site said that the journalist decided to leave the state after filing complaints with the appropriate authorities and consulting with the directors of magazine Proceso, of which he is a correspondent in Veracruz. Read more »

Brazilian news site launches with stories focusing on gender and the Olympic Games

A new Brazilian site dedicated to talking about gender issues through the use of data journalism launched on Aug. 10 with a focus on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games happening in Rio de Janeiro. Read more »

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