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Yahoo creates news network of freelancers

Yahoo is no longer going to be just a news aggregator. This week Yahoo is launching a news network with original, exclusive content, reported USA Today.

The Yahoo Contributor Network will use the work of 400,000 freelance writers, photographers and videographers from a firm called Associated Content that Yahoo bought in May, USA Today explained. While previously the Associated Content stories were sold to Reuters, Scripps, and other news outlets, now the work will appear only on Yahoo websites.

Writers and photographers interested in contributing content to Yahoo can go here. In general, contributors get paid based on the amount of web traffic their work generates.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said this new platform will "bring the people's voice to Yahoo."

Companies like Associated Content, and its competition Demand Media, often are referred to as "content farms," as stories are produced and paid for based on what Internet users are searching for.

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