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International Herald Tribune to roll out paywall in the fall

After rolling out a metered paywall for The New York Times in March, the New York Times Co. now is announcing that this fall it will start charging for users to access the International Herald Tribune, reported PaidContent.

While details of subscription fees have not been released, the paywall will differ from that of the NY Times, PaidContent said.

Meanwhile, NYT Co. CEO Janet Robinson said that the number of digital subscribers as of the second quarter of this year was 224,000, about 12 percent of which was comprised of international subscribers.

Earlier in September, the Boston Globe unveiled a subscription-only news site -- the latest newspaper to start charging for content.

As The Atlantic pointed out, the trend toward paywalls is not just about making money from online content -- it's "about making money from old-fashioned newsprint...For what amounts a discount, people can get full online access and then a free printed paper. This is a good deal for the papers because their primary goal isn't to get more money from the web: it's to staunch the bleeding of subscribers they've faced ever since people started getting news online, and maybe (hopefully) pick up even more paper subscribers."

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