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Community radio journalist attacked during robbery while on the air in Brazil

A radio broadcaster was attacked live on the air by an assailant who invaded the studios of community radio station CS FM in the Brazilian city of Canoas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, reported G1.

The journalist, Dari Silva de Oliveira, was beaten while trying to prevent the theft, which occurred the afternoon of Dec. 28. According to Uol, besides the attack, the assailant, recognized by police as a homeless man, stole equipment worth roughly $1,069.

The incident was caught on tape by the station's cameras, according to Agência Estado.


James Trevor wrote 5 years 7 weeks ago


This should be a lesson for us to be more careful. Especially for those journalists and reporters. Yes it's your job to give us news but we should also consider our own safety. Because we're not sure, maybe one day we're going to regret all of these in the end.

logo items wrote 5 years 7 weeks ago


I think it's so sad to see journalists being killed worldwide. It is definitely a murder of the journalists rights. I don't see it disappearing anytime soon though. As long as there are criminals, it will continue.

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