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Venezuelan sports journalist threatened by soccer fans

Venezuelan sports journalist Walter Obregón denounced on Twitter that he was threatened by Zamora Football Club fans on Friday, Feb. 15, in the Venezuelan state of Barinas, reported the NGO Espacio Público.

The journalist received a message claiming a person was "interested" in killing him for supposed declarations made by Fox Sports commentators on the conditions of the stadium where Zamora had played for the Liberators Cup, as well as for accusations of corruption against the club's president, according to the Venezuelan National Association of Journalists.

Before the threat, Obregón had been denied the renewal of his credentials to cover the team's games, according to another article from Espacio Público. On his Twitter account (@walterobregon), the reporter denied having any involvement with the declarations made on Fox Sports and said he would continue his work as a journalist "without fear, even if they want to kill me."

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